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Quick Review of all my Motorcycle Gear to date

This is a quick rundown of all the gear that I have or had so far.

I believe in ATGATT (more on that). So, if you are thinking in buying gear, save up to buy the best one. Once you start compromising, you ended buying a lot of stuff along the way.
Now, the best protection is the one you always wear. Which is another way to say better some protection than none at all.

So, here we go...

So, I started with a
- Classic Biker jacket. No padding. Extremely thick leather. Outgrew it around the waist. (trying to sell).
- Joe Rocket Mesh. it's a joke. (trying to sell)

Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0

- Joe Rocket textile. same as above. (trying to sell)

- First Gear Tech-Mesh. Good. (sold).

- First Gear Kenya. This was supposed to be waterproof. Not only it's not. It's beyond hot, and it inflates with the vents open. a complete joke. There were some parts inside made of paper (around the cuffs). Only wore it for two long trips. I think I threw away in anger.

- Harley Davidson Alternator Leather/Mesh jacket. it was ok. Ended up using the mesh more. (sold).

- BMW RR Kushitani Perforated Leather Jacket. This thing offers awesome protection. Extremely tough, very heavy because of it. Put the back protector. On the K12R it's ok as long as you are moving. On the K12LT it's tougher since there's no airflow. Can't beat the protection though. It's a tank. Very hot, but bearable.

Did I mention this thing is awesome?

- FieldSheer Titanium Air 4.0 Mesh Pants: a complete piece of rubbish. The velcro doesn't sitck. The fabric started to rip after only one month. It's hot anyway. I don't see how this piece of garbage can offer any abrasion protection. Rubbish. (trying to sell).

- Dainese Wave Pro Armor Jacket: though it looks good, and it's just the armor. The elastic mesh would not hold a chance against any surface. This thing is meant to be worn underneath a cheap jacket.

- Xelement Mesh Jacket: this is a winner because it's cheap, and I never use it for protection alone. It goes with the Dainese Wave Pro Armor underneath. No logos. It looks stealthy. Did I mention it was cheap?

- Dainese Alien Estivo Jacket: my pride and joy. I think I bought it a size too large (54 instead of 52, I lost weight). This thing is so awesome, sometimes I like just to look at it. I can almost assure you I look handsomer in this thing (albeit handsome with a beer belly). The leather is so supple but very thick. The level of protection is outstanding. I put the G2 back protector. It's a tank.

- Dainese Delta Evo Pro Estivo Pants: Oh my! I bought these just before my K12R had to be decomissioned temporarily. So, the sliders are new (). The fit, the protection. Just freaking awesome. If you need to go to the toilet, you have to take your boots off. Otherwise they won't go down. Same as the Alien Pants. This leather, it's Dainese. People gawk at it. It's breathtaking.

- Dainese Alien Leather Pants: They are awesome. Same fit as above. The quality is superb. If you are riding under the sun. Your legs will get unbearably hot. Gets better if you get airflow. I feel very protected in this thing. It's hot. No perforations.

- BMW Pro Sport Gloves: they're all beat up now. My left thumb develop a hole. I repaired them tearing apart some stupid HD half gloves (no finger protection), and I'm wearing them again. They're all soft now. Love them.

- Icon Pursuit Gloves: These gloves rocket for a while. They started to get too large, and I had the stupid idea to microwave them. They did shrink, but now the thumbs are too tight. Still rideable... They're still good though.

- Dainese Carbon Cover ST Gloves: incredible level of protection. There were others with more "stuff", but these have the palm slider. Think about it, the first thing you extend in a crash is your hands. If the leather sticks (and it will) to the surface, you'll break your hand. The sliders prevent that, as well as pinky sliders. Super comfy. I love them. They are my every day gloves. I've had them for over two years now, and they still look brand new. I would buy again in a heartbeat. Dainese is awesome. I got the ones in gray.

- Thor 50/50 boots: At first glance they look and fit and feel awesome. Then the straps start breaking. A quick search reveals is a know problem and Thor sends me straps. I decided to fix them once and for all and make leather straps. Problem fix right? well, now the boots soles unglued. Junk. Still have them. (looking to sell).

- Harley Davidson boots: Hey I was riding a Sportster, had to have them, right? (looking to sell).

- BMW All Around Boots: These boots have no peer. Not only they are downright comfortable. They are waterproof. I have stepped into a foot of water, and no problem. I've been rocking them for three years DAILY. No signs of overt wear. A bit of shoe polish and they look new. They look awesome and are not yelling anything. Very classy.

- Dainese Giro ST Boots: I bought these to complete the look of the Delta Evo Pro pants. Haven't been able to rock them properly. They are stylish. They are thin though. If you have wide feet, these are not for you. Specially at the heel. Did I mention these are made by Dainese? You get the point. Cool.


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